About This Destination

You can experience and see in the town of Mostar. Mostar is the administrative centre of Herzegovina and its largest town. It has always been referred to as a nice place for living, due to its mild and favourable climates, with over 230 sunny days in a year and winds which make the air in the town so potent and kind. Because of its history, Mostar, as we know it now, has two distinctive parts: the ancient, Old Town, which dates from the early 16th century, and the modern from 1950’s. Regardless to the entrance to the town, you are met by traces of blending of cultures and civilizations, so, in a radius of one hundred meters you can see a mosque, a Roman Catholic church and the spot of the new Mostar synagogue; from the asphalt you will unexpectedly walk on the cobble stone road and dive into the beauty of Mostar.
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